Interrupting the Occasional Geekery with a Lovely Pipe Dream

We are all mad here, my dear.

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The time is now. As I go down the train at 11 in the morning, my tiny feet still grateful for the comfortable pair of flip-flops that was part of my staple wardrobe, I cannot help but romanticize the moment by spacing off and envisioning myself wearing a chic and classy, black and white business casual. As I go down the train, I do not walk. No, I am better than that. I am more graceful than that, so I appear as if I glide. “Uptown Girl” is playing (Westlife version, please) in the background. Heads will turn as I make my way inside the mall, where I am off to meet a client for brunch. I am a website designer + professional blogger. I run my own website, people, and it’s getting thousands of hits per second. Yes, it’s THAT fabulous. So. Back to the brunch. I will be presenting the moodboard I have created for the client. Are my nerves fried? No, I am feeling lovely, thank you very much. Am I worried the client won’t like it? No, I am too confident for that, thank you very much.

This mental picture disintegrates with no trace as I nearly trip on my own two feet while rushing through the turnstile.
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