This is Where Andrew Garfield Plays the Guitar and Sings and You Girls Swoon

I have a confession to make: I still have not yet watched “The Amazing Spider-Man 2.” I tell my friends and my brothers that the reason I haven’t watched it yet is due to time constraints. Honestly, it’s because I’m afraid that my this small crush I have for Andrew Garfield might balloon into an epic proportion and could possibly result to a full-blown fixation. And I need not expound on how painful it is to crush on The Boy Who Will Never Be.

Of course I am exaggerating on that whole Andrew Garfield fixation bit. Except, of course, that he is a pretty damn fine male specimen. And when I saw a video of him playing the guitar and singing the Spidey song, I had two reactions:

  1. I nearly swooned.
  2. I had this fit of giggles and laughter that I absolutely could not control.

And for these reasons, I thought it would be fun to share the video with you. Thanks to The Mary Sue for bringing this to my attention.


Loot Crate: The Perfect Goody Boxes

The idea behind Loot Crate is that they pick six to eight geeky yet adorable/simply awesome things (from plushies to t-shirts to shotglasses + others more). Then they plunk those things inside a box and ship it to you, for a fee. Yes, it is paid but I think their subscription plans are okay. See below:
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The Long Overdue Web Round-up

I spend a lot of time on the web more than I should and the awesome thing about it is that I am bound to find a couple of new tricks and toys along the way. I hoard links in my Pocket account and take extreme satisfaction when I go from one website to another. Most of the time, the links I have circle around web design and blogging but then I also tend to get fascinated by anything horror or supernatural. Fashion? Not so much, really. Funny videos? But of course!

I did my regular skimming of my Pocket account and thought these might be good for sharing. Hint: This batch here is an eclectic mix.

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