This is a place where I hoard share my two cents on anything web-related that I find interesting. Being a web enthusiast, I dive headlong into web development and web design. I also occasionally dabble on productivity and organization. I also blog at Foxes & Fangs and talk about anything, including my interest in anything horror (mostly books and movies). I also write bits and pieces of fiction and poems. If that strikes your fancy, feel free to hop on to Strike at Midnight. Over here, it’s more focused on what tickles my geeky side.

I am fascinated with what makes a website work (under the hood!) and the aesthetic sense too. Whatever makes it easier and more interesting for me to become a more efficient individual (writer, blogger, web content manager, etc.), also sparks an interest in me. That throws creativity and productivity into the mix.

I enjoy watching shows like Supernatural, The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, and Chuck. Playing computer games such as Sims 3 and Dragon Age 2? I love it. Same way I love coffee, milk tea and chocolates. Needless to say, Halloween is my favorite holiday and no. I do not believe that a black cat means bad luck. Same goes for the number 13. I’d like to believe that the lesser known supernatural creatures do exist, though. I’ve had too much of vampires, elves and goblins, thanks to movies and books-turned-to-movies, if you ask me.

Should you have some recommendations about anything that pertains to this blog’s theme, feel free to contact me by leaving a comment below.


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