Wallpaper* – Visual Appeal for Creative Inspiration

Gone are the days where I had to save up on magazines just to thumb through them and awe myself with the beautiful layouts and photography. Thanks to the internet, I can continue to get the same awe and inspiration by visiting various blogs and websites. My recent stumbling is Wallpaper* Magazine. Admittedly, I fell in love with their site’s layout first. All those white and grays, combined with their carefully chosen photos and images left impressions that were somewhere along the lines of airy and classic, muted yet lovely, simple yet elegant, creative and classy.

Wallpaper* Magazine is a feast for the designer’s eyes or anyone who takes pleasure in beautifully inspired things. The site has six categories: architecture, design, art, fashion, travel, and lifestyle. Here’s a taste of what the site has in store for you:


In their Travel section, they named this laser projector keyboard by Alfred Dunhill as one of the “travel essentials.” This nifty tool is projected in any hard surface and connects via Bluetooth. Does it have a mouse capability? Yes, it does. You can read more about it in this page


Okay. I know I am not alone in this: The love for apothecary bottles. I know that given my lifestyle, I really don’t need them but I end up wanting them anyway. And this certain bottle’s charm and appeal here are not lost on me.


While there is nothing geeky about scented candles, there is no reason I find to not love them. These Scents of Scandinavia aromatic candles are available in five different scents: isle, tranquility, summer, Copenhagen, and Fjord. According to the site, these candles should burn for 45 hours. Bubble bath + a scent of Scandinavia, anyone?


In their Travel section, as I was looking around I wanted to pick just one photo to show you. This hotel room in Switzerland took my breath away. And that was before I noticed the view its balcony has.


And then I just had to see this immaculate bathroom in a hotel room in Barcelona, Spain. Gorgeous bathroom. Simply gorgeous.

Go ahead and hop over to Wallpaper* and have your fill of dozens and dozens of inspirations for your next project, be it a website or a story you are writing / about to write.


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