The Long Overdue Web Round-up

I spend a lot of time on the web more than I should and the awesome thing about it is that I am bound to find a couple of new tricks and toys along the way. I hoard links in my Pocket account and take extreme satisfaction when I go from one website to another. Most of the time, the links I have circle around web design and blogging but then I also tend to get fascinated by anything horror or supernatural. Fashion? Not so much, really. Funny videos? But of course!

I did my regular skimming of my Pocket account and thought these might be good for sharing. Hint: This batch here is an eclectic mix.

workspace_matt-scribnerI have forever wanted a home office of my own. I experience that vicariously by spending proper time envying gushing about the beautiful workspaces that I see displayed in the internet. Creative Overflow has rounded up some pretty good ones. The one above is just one of the 21 designer workspaces that they have featured. (FYI: Matt Scribner owns that enviable desk. And is it just me or does that brick wall view lend a thought-provoking mood? *pause* Yep, it’s just me.)


In What Do You Carry website, they feature various photos of what the creative types carry around with them. And because I love seeing what over creatives are up to, what better way than to be able to get a sneak peek of what they have in their bags when going to the office or even in an out of town trip?


Isn’t that a beautifully haunting photograph? Nicolas Bruno is a photographer who decided to make something out of the sleep paralysis that has plagued him since he was 15. Hot damn. His photos in this article will leave you in awe. Each and every one conveys something dark and terrifying and yet presented in such a beautiful way.

I’m afraid I got caught by the “Let It Go” bug a little too late… A friend of mine showed me this certain cover and I was blown away. That little girl there has got an awesome singing voice. And the production, the setting and the background music? Totally worth watching this video for:

What did I tell you about catching the “Let It Go” bug? This one here is a more fun version by Jimmy Fallon, Idina Mendez and The Roots:

Bonus link:

Super Mario Bros. is an integral part of my childhood. (‘Twas during the Jurassic era of the gaming consoles when it all started. Nintendo Family Computer. *cough, cough* Really good old times!) If you’re like me in that sense, you might find delight in this papercraft that you could do to hang up on your wall or plop on your bookshelf to remind you of the good times as a kid.


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