Coffitivity = Productivity?


As an in-house creative, I spend nine hours in the office. Like most jobs within the corporate setting, I have a desk of my own that comes with the necessities (ex. a computer that actually works). And like most jobs with the same environment, I share an office with other co-workers/teammates. There are 16 people in the same room as I am. It’s actually great when I need some breaks during my shift, especially since we are able to have chit-chats in between tasks and projects. But what to do when you need to just really, really be left alone and simply focus on your project? One word comes to mind, I’m pretty sure: Music.

I put on my headset and listen to songs when I want to drown out (if not mute) the rest of the world. It works well for me but on some cases, I tend to get lost in the music, not at the project at hand. You know that moment when a song brings back memories and before you know it, your mind is flying somewhere else? Yeah, that’s me. So I tried to switch to classical music but I just wasn’t feeling it. It’s like telling a fish to swim while stranded in the shore. I went back to listening to my usual playlist containing pop, R&B, alt/indie, and rock. I was back to having my head on the clouds. My productivity was affected. I was basically going nowhere. At the end of the day, I felt like I had accomplished little within those eight hours’ worth of work. I was desperate to “get in the zone”1, to simply feel the rush of creativity and productivity and fire away on the keyboard.

The answer came in the form of a website called Coffitivity. It was utterly perfect. Once I listen to it, I am immediately immersed to what I should be doing. I’m pretty sure there’s some influence thrown in to that mindset, what with the website saying this:

…the mix of calm and commotion in an environment like a coffee house is proven to be just what you need to get those creative juices flowing.

What I loved about this website is that they do deliver what they promise: A background sound that is reminiscent of a scene that is proven to boost your creativity (and it follows, your productivity as well). Right now, they have these following background sounds:

  • Morning Murmur – “A gentle hum gets the day started.”
  • Lunchtime Lounge – “Bustling chatter of the lunchtime rush.”
  • University Undertones – “The scholarly sounds of a campus cafe.”

My favorite is Morning Murmur. It gives off the feeling that I’m in a place where the surrounding feels laid-back and relaxed. I could almost hear that group  over there tossing ideas back and forth about the next edition of their magazine. I could almost feel the anticipation of the three women on the next table as they talk about their upcoming blogging class. Being in this ambience helps me to focus while staying at ease. Influenced or not, this works for me. While some people work fine with their choice of songs, I simply find myself distracted — especially when I am tackling a project that has a deadline that I need to beat. I need something that will work with the rhythm of my process and attention. If we’re the same type of person, I think Coffitivity might just be your thing too.

1 – That’s the term me and my former colleagues used, back when I was a copywriter for various blogs and websites.


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