My Brief but Sweet Flirtation with Squarespace

You don’t become a blogger for years without testing different tools. It’s part of the process of establishing a blog. A few months ago, I hear about Squarespace, a service which provides website hosting + domain name + built-in templates. Eager to see what the fuss was all about, I took a look and was impressed right away with their available templates. Clean, uncluttered and yet polished and classy, Squarespace looked promising — to a visitor. But what if you are the site owner? Would you find the back-end, the interface, the features and options just as impressive? Being overly fond of trying out new stuff in the internet, I signed up for a 14-day trial (no need for credit card!) to get the feel of its admin site.

The moment I logged in to the back-end, I had to admit I hesitated for a bit. I have been using WordPress for years and years and years. It felt odd, like I was suddenly catapulted into a different reality. I needed to get on with the show and so I proceeded by choosing Forte as my template. It was beautiful. The visitor will no doubt feel nothing but good vibes radiating off your website with its light and airy, crisp and clean, modern template. I know I spent a good couple of seconds just staring at it in awe, I kid you not. But back to the admin site: It’s pretty efficient and intuitive. With it WYSIWYG approach, Squarespace’s back-end will definitely be easy to use for those who are not well-versed in coding. The ease and simplicity of applying the options in creating the layout you want will not be such a struggle.


Here are some of the highlights:

The sidebar:

Compact. Has the drag and drop feature so you can re-arrange menu links. It’s pretty straightforward, so users should be able to get the hang of navigating it in no time at all.


The content/post area:

Very easy to use. And yes, if pop-ups are not your thing you can always maximize it.


Options for a post:

Thumbnail? Check. Excerpt? Check. While it looks simple, this does come loaded. Also? Squarespace does give you the option to inject your own codes, for those of you who want to further the customization.



So what’s my take on Squarespace? It’s definitely worth buying if:

  • You can’t be bothered with codes.
  • You want beautiful, simple and elegant designs.
  • You think minimalism in web design is the way to go.

Right now, I am sticking with WordPress simply because I love the time I spend tweaking things under the hood. That’s one of the main reasons why I got attracted to websites: The coding process. Squarespace is pretty but I want to learn how to make a site pretty through codes.

Squarespace is a great place to start, though, if you want a website that’s simple and stunning without running across the hassles of coding gone wrong.


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