A Method to Madness


As I write this, NaNoWriMo is a couple of hours shy from its official kick-off. Also? Deadlines for projects in the office loom ever so closely. And then? Something underfoot, extricated from the incessant whirlpool that is my brain, will finally take shape. Doesn’t matter if it’s a blob or a gargoyle. As long as it morphs into something concrete, it means I’m one step closer to that dream. (You’d have to excuse my being cryptic about this certain project. All will be unveiled in good time.)

There is no doubt about it: November will be one busy month. Crunch times will happen more often. We all know what this means in the Annachronism Channel. Crunch times = more coffee than the usual. But you know what? In spite of all this madness, I am pretty excited to be working on the things that I love doing. Yes, work included. I do not intend to hopelessly wade through this coming month unprepared and unarmed. Which brings me to… yesterday.

Yesterday, I bought this cute whiteboard calendar and propped it on my office table. Then I went ahead and jotted down the deadlines, the people assigned to certain tasks, the things our team needs to work on, the meetings I have for next month. With that said, what are the top three essentials that I have when it comes to working on a project?

  1. Papers. Whether it’s post-its or a notebook, I need something to write on. I know I can easily type down everything in an Excel spreadsheet and then place the file in my desktop. And I do that but I found that I retain more details and recall more aspects of that certain task or project when I write it down.
  2. Coffee. Suffice to say that it has saved me from getting fully consumed by drowsiness. Plus, it does light that figurative match in my brain. I tried not drinking coffee within the first half of my work day and it was not a pretty experience. Hint: My forehead nearly greeted the keyboard in front of me.
  3. R&R Time. Admittedly, when huge projects come in, I can get my mind to really focus on a task and go at it for an hour or two without interruptions. Not even restroom breaks. But afterwards, I find myself burned out. So I do the occasional walking around when I feel myself nearing the Burnout Zone. It’s like recharging the battery of my brain. It feels good.

November, I am on you!

* image credit: Chris Sardegna

P.S. We have a long weekend this side of the world. Hello, Friday! I get to sleep late and catch up on “Fringe” re-runs. Plus, it looks like our PC is on its way back to being usable again. Hello, “Sims 3” and “Dragon Age 2”!


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