The Good Stuff in Medium + A Coffee Shop Prank a la Carrie

I am all for sharpening your skills and talents. And if there is something new and it would add to your arsenal of superpowers, I say go ahead and give it a try. This is one of the reasons why I love the internet. There is so much information out there and I can choose any of those I  like and put them to good use (well, at least on my end). I love discovering new things and hearing people in specific fields share their processes and tips on tackling a project. One of the websites I regularly visit is Medium. It’s a site that publishes posts that tackle different issues and interests, such as freelancing, design & start-ups, video games, pop culture, etc. You have the option to subscribe to the categories that interest you. If you want, you could also leave notes in the article.

Medium makes it enjoyable and easy to read about the stuff you find interesting. The design is uncluttered, clean and simple. I also love that they put in the approximate amount of time to finish reading a post. As of today, I am a 100% reader in Medium. For those of you who loves to write, you can post your very own articles too. The necessities in creating posts over there are title, subtitle, content, and the accompanying image for your piece.  The interface for writing your post is very minimalistic and straightforward. The people behind Medium were right: They let you focus on your words. The “Share draft” button makes it possible to ask Medium friends to give their feedback.

Here are some of my recent favorite posts:

I’m a thinker, not a doer by Tami Baribeau

I’m a product of internet culture. I spend much of my days and evenings reading the web. I have a staple set of 10 or so websites that I check multiple times throughout the day. I follow RSS feeds and aggregate sites, combing over Hacker News and Reddit and Google Reader… I’ve been told that my name is synonymous with the internet. It’s not synonymous with the ‘real life’ though.

I feel an intense pressure to be a better person than I am. To be smarter because of the articles on Medium and Svbtle, to be more critical of media and eloquent about it due to sites like Critical Distance, Paste, and BitCreature. To be a better writer like the captivating bloggers on xoJane and Pioneer Woman….

I just want to be as good as everyone else at getting things done. How can I be less methodical and ‘head in the clouds’ and start actually being the productive person that I am in my mind? Why am I always stuck on who I *could* be and not who I am now? I am feeling exhausted and anxious about always wanting more.

I love how Tami seemed to pretty much describe the way internet has helped shape some individuals in terms of pursuing their dreams and starting something. Bonus points for pointing out websites I didn’t know about. New found internet hangouts, here I come!

Here are two more of my favorites:

On Consuming Media Responsibly
Video Games, Horror Movies, and Anita Sarkeesian

A Comic-ly Happy Ending
How one badass woman took on the comic industry’s sexism and won.


There’s the upcoming movie (a horror re-make) called “Carrie” and then there’s a prank pulled in a coffee shop somewhere in New York, probably all in the name of a (clever) marketing and PR strategy. Here, watch how people in that place were terrorized:

I love how the guy with glasses and beard reacted.



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