Because I Have This Weird Fixation with Notebooks

I hoard use notebooks of varying sizes for writing down bits and pieces of my ideas for a story, my blogs and other projects. I can scribble away on a piece of paper, jotting down my thoughts furiously just to duck away from the possibility of forgetting what I was thinking of in the first place. And then I absolutely suck at drawing or sketching or painting. Now that I have established my point (the point being that my definition of “draw something” is equal to stick figures; if I really like you, I’ll draw marshmallow figures, complete with a bow tie or flowered hat), I shall get to the heart of this post:


Moleskine and FiftyThree Inc. bring you Book. You know all those sketches, poems, snippets of fiction, illustrations, and other glorious pieces of art you’ve created in Paper? It’s been made possible to create a 15-page foldout notebook containing your works. I think that’s pretty AWESOME. Having something you created jump out from the screen to being right in your hands, all personalized and suited according to your taste? It bears repeating: That’s pretty awesome. Here’s what the Book boasts of:

  • Moleskine quality
  • you get to choose the cover and the spine (classic black Moleskine hardcover is optional)
  • premium matte paper
  • images are printed with high quality (HP Indigo 4-color digital printing)

Here, take a look at this video to see what Book is all about:


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