Tapastic – Webcomics that Impress and Amuse / Kill Time / Delight

Friendly warning: Two paragraphs’ worth or rambling due to lack of sleep. If you like such  ice-breakers, read ahead. If not, feel free to skip to the third paragraph (excluding this one you’re reading right now) and enjoy today’s highlight: Comics!

Last night, I stayed up until nearly 1 AM just because I had to play Sims 3. The result? Dragging my whole body around at work on a Monday. I’m telling you, saying coffee is my bestfriend for that day would be underrated. Coffee is poetry when you lack sleep. It’s a beautiful thing.

Lesson learned? Next time, just file a three-day vacation leave and indulge in Sims 3 and Dragon Age 2. I may even throw in Sim City if I still have time in between those two games, blogging, looking for golden nuggets in the net, and watching Big Bang Theory and Fringe. (I am thinking of starting on Dr. Who because someone recommended it to me.)

Armed with that one not so tiny lesson learned, let me proceed with today’s highlight: Tapastic. It is a website that does not fall short on great comics that cover different topics. By signing up (for free), you have the following:

  • save comics that tickle your fancy (did I just say that?)
  • subscribe to a series or collection of comics that you absolutely love and from this day forward cannot, absolutely cannot, live without
  • Mega plus point: You also have the option to upload your own comics.
  • Another plus point: They have an app, which is also free. You can get it here > iOS || Android

Personally, I subscribe to The Joy of Tech, which depicts both technology and pop culture in hilarious ways. Tons of fun! I also subscribe to the GaMERCaT, DaneMen and Weekend Stroganoff because they amuse the hell out of me and actually make me laugh out loud, even without meaning to. If you’re into something horror/dark/twisted, you can check out Homesick. I figured you might as well catch a few glimpses of Tapastic right here in Meta-Madness. And so without further ado, the comics that tickled my fancy (I really should stop saying that):

The Joy of Tech :: Internet Superpower // Go to page. Click here.
the GaMERCaT :; Well Trained // Go to page. Click here.
the GaMERCaT :: Well Trained // Go to page. Click here.
Weekend Stroganoff :: Mind Readers // Go to page. Click here.
Weekend Stroganoff :: Mind Readers // Go to page. Click here.

Note: It is worth it to check out DaneMen’s Not Safe for Work. it’s hilarious and the graphics just hit the spot. It’s almost like you’re there. Better yet, it’s almost like you’re that guy in the comics.


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