Editorially Encourages + Supports the Writing Process

There’s a lot of application that’s focused on writing. It’s a matter of trial and error in finding which ones work best. It’s going to be different for everybody. Admittedly, I have kept a couple of applications/tools/programs for some time but have also devoted some time to test out other tools. And Editorially is one of them.

Editorially is an application for writing with a beautiful simple interface — clean and uncluttered. It lets you focus on your writing. You would be typing out a storm of thoughts the moment you open it up. I know that happened to me. It isn’t just the sheer simplicity and beauty of this application that caught my eye and made me try it out. What’s also nice about it is the way it’s built to foster collaborative writing. Here’s a brief list of why I like Editorially:

  • The uncluttered user interface is gorgeous. It uses the markdown for its writing environment. Sometimes, what we need is exactly that. Simple, unobtrusive, uncluttered tool which allows little room for hassles in coding.
  • You can keep track of the various saved versions of your articles. A timeline, if you will. It’s pretty handy to have that feature.
  • The autosave function helps cushion panic moments when something with technology goes wrong, like a blackout caused by an attack of the zombies. Zombies who munched on cable wires because it looks tasty to them.
  • You can have other users comment on your article. Just highlight which part, click on a button and there you have it! Comment away!
  • You can update the status of each article you create. Each status is color-coded, such as violet for Reviewing, blue for Draft, etc.

It may not look much for people who like their writing application with bells and whistles. For those who want a simple, clutter-free space which gives our minds enough room to breathe, I think Editorially would work for you. Also, it’s going to be beneficial if you’re working on a project. I know I’m going to use this one for my upcoming ezine.  It’s currently in beta right now but you could always sign up for free. Hop on over here. For a sneak peek, take a look at the video below:

+ points: Snapshots of the application.

The Editorially home page. Go on ahead. Sign up and test it out for yourself 🙂
Update your piece of work with a status. Choose from Draft, Reviewing, Revising, Copyediting, and Final. Each status is color-coded too. Yay!
Yes, you could export your article. Pretty thoughtful of them to include this feature.
Editorially makes it easy to reach out to others by leaving comments on your article.Collaboration is the name of the game.

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