Dare to Play Hide & Seek with the Supernatural?

Playing a game and anything horror take the top spots in my favorite time killers. And so it is a no-brainer that I would feel this thrill run up and down my spine when I came across Ice-Pick Lodge’s (a game developing company located in Moscow, Russia) game called “Knock Knock.” It first began as a Kickstarter project, in which you could view their page here. The game is currently for desktop PCs but I hear they’ll be releasing iOS and Android versions soon as well.


The “Knock Knock” game is played by one person, The Lodger. He alone lives in a house in the woods. Come night time, creatures of the supernatural kind prowls around his house. The Lodger must success in putting barriers between himself and the creatures. This lasts all throughout the night and when you’re well and alive by sunrise… Congratulations! You win! Otherwise, I’d hate to see what would happen to you. I guess I can’t blame you. To quote Pocketgamer:

The evil force that chases him will attempt to seek you out. And if it finds you, you’ll have to scurry away and hide behind some furniture until it leaves you alone. It will linger for a while, though.


I have yet to try this game but from what I’ve read so far, here are some key details:

  • Hiding from the creatures will do you no good. Didn’t they say to face your fear?
  • You need to keep an eye on the breaches inside the house, which made it possible for those nasty, evil creatures to get inside. Darn those breaches!
  • Yes, there are stuff there that you can use as weapons. BUT you only get to keep five, so be wise.
  • Let there be light… as this keeps out the evil ones, if only for a short time. Oh, well. A little help is better than no help at all.
  • Each creature has different characteristics, so their weaknesses will probably vary. YOU’VE BEEN FOREWARNED.


The graphics of the game gives off the feel of being spooky and creepy. I think it was done well. The game is supposed to be fun without discounting the creepiness factor. So far, so good. If you want to know more about this game, head over to their Kickstarter page and you will be rewarded with details.


Below are two videos that will give you a feel of what the game is all about. And remember: When playing this game, try to stay sane too!


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