On Mashups: Super Mario Meets the Ghostbusters

As a child (somewhere along my painfully awkward years of age 7 or 8), one of the prized possessions was a sticker album of Ghostbusters. I wish I had taken at least one picture of it. Too bad Instagram wasn’t all the rage back then. Going back to the topic at hand… I was crazy about the cartoon series. It had supernatural stuff that fascinated me. And among the four Parapsychologists, my favorite was Egon Spengler. I initially found Slimer annoying but he grew on me the more I watched the show. Armed with my Ghostbusters sticker album, I could not have been more thrilled and content. Both of my brothers had an album each, too, but I don’t think they took it seriously.I dutifully bought packets and packets of stickers just to have each and every page completed. What a kick I got with the hologram stickers!

Ahh… My childhood. Good times! I have mentioned Super Mario in one of my blog posts at Snow, Glass, Apple. So let’s combine the two things that are part of my childhood, forever remembered with fondness. Much fondness. Super Mario + Ghostbusters = Da bomb y’all! Some genius decided to create a mashup of my two favorite childhood components and while watching it, I was thinking, “I knew I should’ve saved the album sticker.”


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