The Kick-Starter: A {Geeky} List

When coming up with a new website or blog, the process of creating it takes some time — from coming up with the design concept right down to how it will finally look. I have been creating websites for years and my process has changed over the years, making the room for improvement and allowing more flexibility and ease. Here’s a quick rundown of my process:

  1. Create a mood board.
    • look for inspiration (ex. other websites, book covers, posters, etc.)
    • scrounge arond for materials you can use (ex. textures, fonts, patterns, etc.)
    • What look and feel are you going for?
  2. Find resources.
  3. Piece them all together.
  4. Coding, drinking coffee, coding, drinking even more coffee
  5. Testing and tweaking
  6. Launch site. Get feedback.
  7. Get back to watching past episodes of “Supernatural.”

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